About JP Investments

JP Investments is a new but striving provider of quick and hassle free small loans for all personal financial needs. We now offer personal loans and payday advance. Our vision is to keep expanding to meet other lending needs. If you need a cash advance today, but you don't get your paycheck until the next few week. Let us help you. We give special attention to customers with emergency needs providing you meet the requirements.

Personal Loans
Personal loans are quick secure or unsecured loans that are repaid through salary deductions (usually 3 – 6 months). Personal loans are granted to applicants who have been employed to an approved company for at least one year.

Payday Advance
Payday advance is a simple, quick short-term cash advance (usually less than 30 days). Like many, you've found yourself short of cash from time to time. Whether it's an unexpected emergency, a bill to pay or an opportunity you just can't miss, we help you by advancing funds against your next pay. It's just like being paid early.

Business Loans
Business loans are secured loans that are available to persons who operate small businesses. These include: barbers hairdressers, Restaurant owners, Shop owners and others.

Our Mission
Our mission is to offer customers a quick and easy way to secure a loan when they need it most and don't know where to turn. We will make sure that all our customers information provided to us will be kept confidential and not shared to any third party.

Emergency Cash

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