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Personal loans

Payday Advance, Medical, Motor Expenses, Vacation etc


Personal loans are the source of instant cash during an emergency. We offer personal loan amounts ranging from $10,000 to $500,000. Applicants must be employed for at least 1 year. Loan repayment period ranges from 1 – 30 months.

Emergency funds

In case of emergency call us 1-876-758-6251


In life you should expect the unexpected, and this is why you need an emergency fund. This should be 3 - 6 months of living expenses. However, if you are unable to set up a suffucient emergency fund, then borrow it, when you need it.


There are no hassle free loans, but we make it easy


To speed up the approval process you must provide the following: job letter (working with the same company for at least a year); two (2) passport size pictures; two (2) last months pay slips; proof of address; Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN); Valid Identification e.g. Driver's Licence; One (1) or Two (2) GUARANTOR - (similar documents required).